What we do

Access to Safe Surgery

Across the globe, children and families face a crisis: A lack of access to safe surgery. This is especially true in developing country contexts, where people are confronted by:

  • Lack of modern infrastructure and equipment. 
  • Lack of expertise, like specialized surgeons and anesthetists. 
  • Their own inability to pay for health care.

An estimated 5 billion people – nearly 2/3 of the world’s population – are living without access to surgery. In fact, the poorest third of the world’s population only receive 3.5% of total surgical operations – a startling divide in critical health care.

Why is Surgery Important?

Surgery has been framed as a medical luxury, but it is in fact fundamental to primary health care. It is necessary whenever a suture, incision, excision, manipulation or other invasive, anesthesia procedure is required. Incredibly, surgery-preventable conditions account for more deaths than HIV, TB and Malaria combined. 

Investing in Surgery Could…

Save 10 million lives through surgery
USFC saves 250,000 children per year

Our Solution

United Surgeons for Children meets today’s urgent needs while also building the knowledge, expertise and infrastructure that will allow communities to care for their own health needs in the future.

Our commitment to our donors and partners is to maintain transparent operations so that each dollar invested is dedicated to expanding access to surgery for vulnerable children worldwide.

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