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USFC health education in the field At United Surgeons for Children (USFC), we know that health and education go hand-in-hand – because a healthy child learns better, and a more educated child tends to have healthier behaviors.

UFSC invests in health education to ensure that good behaviors are instilled from a young age, preventing needs for future medical intervention. We likewise work with teachers and parents to help identify children’s urgent health needs through monitoring, which helps us to better target our medical interventions.


Focus on Prevention, Education and Child Protection

USFC medical check up

Each year, more than 55,000 children benefit from our programs that include:

  • In-school medical, dental and vision check-ups as well as
    psychosocial support.
  • Mobile health units equipped to provide additional care when needed.
  • Classroom instruction to promote hygiene awareness, nutrition, sex education, personal development and other behaviors to prevent future illness and violence.
  • Distribution of hygiene kits, nutritious food parcels/meals, and water to isolated communities
  • Education and day centers to provide a safe haven and protection to vulnerable children, with ongoing medical and psycho-social support.
  • Financial support, renovations, sanitation and supplies for schools to create a healthy learning environment.

While USFC seeks to be a trusted support for all children, we also realize that certain children are more vulnerable than others. As such, we seek out and are committed to providing opportunities for girls, children in poverty and other marginalized groups.


In India, many children make their lives on the street and are vulnerable to exploitation, violence and other dangers. USFC day centers provide a safe place for education and medical care. Psycho-social support programs build well-being through artistic and athletic activities, while also introducing good hygiene practices.

Our India programs reach 5,000 children and parents each year with medical care through mobile units. In addition, 1,600 children receive support for the education and we operate a dedicated school for girls.

Families in Togo are often beset by poverty and forced to keep children out of school – which can perpetuate illness and malnutrition. USFC provides in-kind support to keep children in school while building a health care plan that includes health screenings, nutritious meal plans and the distribution of hygiene kits and mosquito nets.

Our Togo program benefits 1,000 children each year, and we operate programs in 11 partner schools. We have also trained more than 200 parents and teachers in good health practices to support children’s well-being

Almost ten years after the devastating Haiti earthquake, education access, quality and safety are still poor. USFC works with partners in a particularly vulnerable community, Abricots Village, to ensure that 350 children each year can access education in safely reconstructed schools with daily nutritious snacks to improve their health. This is in addition to 2,500 children having access to education and care in Grande Anse through 10 partner schools.


USFC education programming began in Thailand, where we initially focused on children living in the slums of Bangkok. As the country has continued to grow, many children are still left struggling, particularly in health and education. Today our program thrives with a network of 50 partner schools.

Approximately 7,000 children benefit from ongoing socio-educational projects, and 1,500 children benefit from dental care. We also operate the “House of Hope”, which gives more than 40 children a safe place to go in the midst of family difficulties.

Similar to the Indian context, in Nepal, many children are living on the streets in extremely vulnerable positions. In partnership with Child Protection Centers and Services, we run 30 day centers that offer socio-educational and psychological support to the more than 1,000 children who visit them. Within our network, 2,000 children benefit from health education programs.

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