Haiti Earthquake Facts

Haiti Earthquake Facts

United Surgeons for Children is responding to the recent earthquake in Haiti. Hundreds have lost their lives and even more have been injured. We must act as quickly as possible. Below are the Haiti earthquake facts you need to know about the ongoing situation in the country.


Haiti Health Crisis Caused By The Earthquake

On the morning of Saturday, August 14th, 2021 a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti. Although the epicenter of the earthquake was in Les Cayes, the tremor was felt throughout the country. For over a decade, USFC has been working in one of the regions hardest hit by the earthquake, La Grande Anse. In remote areas across Haiti such as La Grande Anse, we’ve carried out school health programs educating children.

Haiti earthquake facts we know so far:

  • The rising death toll exceeds hundreds of lives lost.
  • Many more are injured.
  • Vital infrastructure has collapsed.

Equipment, resources, infrastructure, and people are needed now more than ever. Medical facilities that are still standing lack the necessary supplies to treat the influx of patients.

How USFC is Promoting Health in Haiti

Rapidly Responding

On Wednesday, August 18th with the assistance of Air Caraïbes, USFC was able to fly trauma kits, over 440 pounds worth of surgical equipment in trunks/suitcases, two volunteer doctors, and two surgeons into Haiti. With United Surgeons for Children’s equipment, personnel, and resources on the ground, we can continue our mission of promoting health in Haiti.

Preparing for Future Disasters

Over ten years ago, United Surgeons for Children helped Haiti respond to the devastating earthquake of 2010. USFC staff supported local teams so that they could treat and operate on as many Haitians as possible. Coupled with our rapid response to the Haiti health crisis resulting from the earthquake, we placed an emphasis on preparing for the next disaster. So, we’ve prepackaged trauma kits filled with external fixators, screws, plates, pins, perforators, bandage wraps, plaster, compresses, sutures, and other valuable medical tools.

Providing the Resources and People Needed

Although we’ve been able to rapidly respond to the crisis, there’s much more to be done. In addition to our previously mentioned contribution, we’ll be sending essential orthopedic equipment, anesthetics, antibiotics, analgesics, and other needed resources.

How You Can Support USFC’s Goal of Promoting Health in Haiti

Your support is needed now more than ever since it lets us act quickly. Every donation helps to save more lives. From the bottom of our hearts, we ask for your support so we can help the many children and families affected by the earthquake.


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