USFC at the 8th Annual WCPCCS

By United Surgeons For Children From August 25-30, USFC Executive Director, Martin Bischoff and Dr. Laurence Boutin, Medical Director at La Chaine de l’Espoir joined nearly 6,000 participants at the 8th Annual World Congress for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery. During the conference, Dr. Maurice Sarano presented the ECHOES platform, which allows USFC’s medical teams to share echocardiograms across geographies. The conference … Read more

There is potential for large-scale economic and equity impacts through the implementation of gender-transformative strategies for the healthcare workforce

On June 23, 2021 during the International Year of Health and Care Workers, United Surgeons for Children (USFC) organized a virtual panel discussion: Empowering Women in Global Health. The event highlighted strong female figures who contribute to the global health workforce and the actions we can take to continue to empower women. Contributing to this conversation, was: Laurence Boutin, Pediatrician, … Read more

USFC’s Virtual Event: Training without Borders

On November 17th, USFC organized a special virtual panel discussion: Training without Borders: Replicable Systems of Sustainable Healthcare in the Global South moderated by Emmy-award winning journalist Leyna Nguyen. During the event, USFC had the opportunity to share more about the cardiac surgery training program which was first implemented in the Ho Chi Minh City … Read more